Cloud and SaaS

Cloud and SaaS

In recent years cloud-based applications have been a successful tool in many businesses, the fact to use Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) will bring a new Business concept that helps many companies to save budget, time and effort. SURTEL TECHNOLOGIES experienced Consultant will apply their product knowledge to plan, implement and support your current process using the best practices to produce the results needed for your organization.

The cloud-based business applications and priced on a subscription basis have a number of clear advantages over traditional, on-premise, software deployments.

Benefits of the cloud-based business start from its adoption which is fast and easy, follows with including the latest and greatest features such as mobile and social that makes work more efficient, and workers more productive. More over these applications are continuously updated, and are filled with features such as reporting and analytics. Its flexibility allows easily getting new users up and running, turn on modules or add more applications.

Additional benefits are translated in reduction of the infrastructure and maintenance costs while having the latest fixes, enhancements, and new features, fully functional, secure business applications and a high level of integrity and confidence that can protect sensitive business data.

The ability to quickly deploy best-in-breed applications that deliver the latest in software functionality and the hottest capabilities all with lower investment risk and great flexibility to manage critical business processes builds a strong case for cloud-based applications.

Surtel’s methodology supports the cloud-based as a new way to make business, using the cloud will allow organizations to focus in their main business and let a cloud-based provider worry about the software, hardware and professional service cost.