rTimeTracker Benefits


Role-based Dashboards - Role-based dashboards are an important asset provided by rTimeTraker. It enables users to see the relevant information based on their roles. rTimeTracker dashboard offers true Business Intelligence (BI), presenting real-time views of your project data, project status dashboards, project portfolio dashboards, and task status updates, to name just a few data sets you might find. rTimeTracker dashboard is a vital tool to help keep your projects, tasks and teams on track.

  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Visual Charts & Graphs
  • Text-based Lists
  • Interactive Charts
  • Dynamic Charts
  • Project Health
  • Project Progress Status
  • Task Status
  • Project Risks
  • Personal Task Lists
  • Project Portfolio Progress Status
  • Resource Availability
  • Team Workload Status
  • Project Changes
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Integrated Time Tracking - Track hours worked and allocate directly to projects, subproject or tasks to expedite project management, invoicing and accounting.

Expense Management - It connects the various pieces of business travel and spend so you can focus on what matters most to your business. It works seamlessly with another rTimeTracker module to enable paperless submission of invoices and receipts by the resources. In a single click, send transactions to your expense reports. Receipts, card expenses or mileage, track everything within one place. Take the frustration out of business expenses. Automatic Mileage calculation with the help of Google API.

Reports - Gain unparalleled insight into your business with rTimeTracker’s industry leading reporting. On any device, run real-time reports that can be customized, saved, and scheduled for automatic delivery.

  • Capabilities for all PMI-based reporting
  • Explore your resource utilization and performance
  • Understand project progress and profitability
  • Learn about your team’s time and expenses
  • Drill into un-invoiced time, expenses and fixed amounts
  • Export to PDF or Excel

Report Examples

  • All Employee Leave Balance Report
  • Project Tasks Status Report
  • Employee Tasks Status Report
  • Customized Time Sheet Report
  • Employee Paid Time Off (PTO) Report
  • Employee Record Change Report
  • Leave Requests Report
  • Pending Time Sheets Report
  • Employee Details Report
  • Employee Time Sheet Report
  • Employee Time Sheet Log Report
  • Expense Sheet Report