rTimeTracker Features


Flexible Time Entry - Submit timesheets from anywhere, at any time, using any device including mobile. With a quick yet comprehensive view for resources to fill their activities and off days, rTimeTracker not only saves their time but also let them focus on their real job rather than filling time and its layout will not let them miss any small detail.

Business Intelligence - Make informed decisions by visualizing your data through real-time dashboards. Gain a live view of employee attendance along with any tasks your employees are working on through the live status overview. Automatically calculate working hours on the basis of actual working hours and breaks. Leave days, sickness absence and other absences can be entered manually and thus taken into account in payroll accounting. Analyze productivity, effectiveness and focus with insightful charts for individuals, teams and the entire organization.

rTimeTracker’s interesting graphics and detailed reports will provide you 360-degree monitoring of your company’s productive workflows. Know the working hours of your T0op Ten employee's location wise as well as you can filter the date accordingly. At one glance get to know the productive and non-productive hours on the current date from the time of login and as per your wish, you can adjust the date & can see the total production of that time slot.

Project Management - Create project tasks, sub-tasks, allocate effort and resources, and track the project schedule and cost. Managing Statements of Work (SOWs), projects, sub-projects and their tasks in rTimeTracker is very simple. rTimeTracker allows you to track time on projects, tasks and control the due date for tasks and projects. It provides some key features that can lessen administrative work considerably to save time and cost and have better control over projects and resources.

  • Create Project, Sub Project, Task and Task Assignment
  • Resource Management
  • Leave Management
  • Track Cost and Burn Rate
  • SOW Management
  • PMI-based Reporting
  • Approvals

Resource Management - Optimize efficiency by effectively handling resource allocation, utilization, availability, assignment and performance reviews. Gain a bird’s-eye view on who is working on any project and when. Confidently manage team time utilization and make more intelligent work assignments and scheduling decisions.

  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Leveling
  • Resource Forecasting
  • Employee review module
  • View team availability on one page
  • Track internal work such as training and self-study
  • Schedule and edit assignments with simple select / unselect of resources