Achievements - Business Intelligence

Examples of our achievements at Surtel

  • Generated large corporate savings by implementing best practices, methodologies and optimized processes for Business Intelligence.
  • Lead many successful business process reengineering and optimization projects which helped customers with productivity gain, removal of undocumented and non-compliant processes by utilizing standard processes in the enterprise system, utilizing best practices and bringing business efficiency.
  • Automated inventory replenishment process based on IoT inventory level signals, which helped in 11% working capital reduction.
  • Digitized and implemented 360 degree view of entire parts failure process in the machine. Collected data from the sensors for parts failure, generated automated tickets (incidents) for engineering service for predictive maintenance, automated generation of return material order or new purchase order based on parts warranty, delivery of parts at customer location for subcontractor for maintenance, generated automated service work orders for sub-contractor, automated update in ERP of service completion with labor and time spent, automatically generating service purchase order for subcontractor payment.
  • Digitized entire process for preventive maintenance. Based on condition of equipment and sensor data information, automatically generated service work order for service technician, delivered parts to service technician, proof of work completion delivery, generated service purchase order for automated payments to service technician.


• Generated large corporate savings
• Automated inventory replenishment
• Bringing business efficiency
• Automatically generating service purchase order