Database Managed Services

Surtel has highly skilled DBAs and other skilled IT workers with technical expertise in database management and support, deep understanding of database architecture and related technologies, we are ready to be your dedicated MSP (Managed Services Provider) offering you full house Database Managed Services.

In the cloud or in the data center, let us be your single point of contact by helping you to maintain and manage your technology solutions.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Mysql
  • Postgresql

Data Management

  • Database Administration
  • Data Import and Export
  • Data Archiving
  • Database Backup and Recovery
  • Remote Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Tuning
  • Data Volume Management

Migration Services

  • Hardware Migration
  • P2V and V2P Migration
  • System Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Database/HANA Migration
  • Virtualization – Vmware, Hyper-V, KVM
  • Cloud Migration
  • Data Center Moves

Oracle Managed Services

Surtel specialized team of Oracle experts would be happy to work as an extension of your organization for Managed Services utilizing on-site consultancy and remote management through its specialized Technical Support Center. Surtel team of Oracle Database Administrators supports full Oracle Database Lifecycle Consulting Services and has the operational expertise to perform the day-to-day tasks required to ensure your business systems are entirely available and ready to work.

  • Proactive management to delivers high-value Oracle Database Support and Managed Services
  • Surtel ensures a transparent delivery process with continuous monitoring and maintenance at its core
  • Preventative maintenance of a database to assure full support for the primarily designed business areas
  • Surtel Scalable infrastructure includes servers, networking, operating systems, storage and backups - with the latest security measure
  • Operational support for day-to-day maintenance tasks performed while receiving active optimization by certified Database Administrator
  • Surtel Data experts to monitor each stage of the oracle transformation lifecycle - from Planning, Design and Development to Migration, Operation & Optimization
  • Complete Oracle Infrastructure Support with extended capabilities of your Oracle Database system
  • Surtel team is extensively experienced across a varied range of Oracle versions releases such as 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, and 12c..
  • We provide unlimited 24/7 access to Surtel-Oracle Certified Resources
  • Customized Oracle solutions for your business needs from database “housekeeping” tasks to designing high availability architecture models

Key Benefits of Oracle Managed Services:

Maximize Uptime - Surtel System Admin and Certified DBA Oracle Consultants provide outstanding system reliability and uptime

Improve Efficiencies - Our specialized team assures throughout system running for 24*7

Consistent Results - Irrespective database version release, our extensive experience across a varied range of versions and systems delivers consistently positive results for our clients

Revenue- ROI - Dedicated Oracle DBA support team of Surtel, eliminates system errors that can harm business productivity and maximize system uptime ultimately maximizes your business’s profits

Reduce the burden on your IT staff - Surtel comprehensive support reduces the burden on your existing Oracle staff; and allows them to focus on improving the business instead of daily activities

Healthy Database Infrastructure - Consistent health checks ensure the smooth running of your systems

SQL Server Managed Services

Surtel will deliver the required Systems Management services utilizing both on-site consultancy and remote management through the Surtel Technical Support Centre.

The services required by Sullair are both proactive and reactive:

  • The proactive service is systems management.
  • The reactive service is the management of the exception events where the system cannot be used or is not performing as required.

The Technical Support Centre can provide operation services and the proactive management of the Client’s various MS SQL Server systems. This will ensure that the systems run to maximum efficiency. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure that the SQL Server system continues to fully support the areas of the business for which it was designed. This service is designed to ensure that the SQL Server system operates at maximum efficiency whilst minimizing downtime. Operational support enables the client to have the day-to-day maintenance tasks undertaken while simultaneously receiving proactive optimization by certified Database Administrator consultants. Optimization gives the information needed to plan all maintenance and system expansion activities before these become critical to the operation of the business.

Systems administrators and certified Database Administrator consultants work together as part of managed teams to ensure that day-to-day management is undertaken efficiently while maintaining system performance. The experienced technicians provide the issue resolution and the proactive optimization and preventative maintenance.

It is essential that agreement is reached on the roles and responsibilities required to monitor and manage SQL Server systems. Table A outlines the understanding of Surtel as to the tasks to be included in the contract and who is responsible for which components. A final definition will result from the discussion and the SQL Administration responsibilities will be defined in a schedule to the support contract.