Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our clients are reviewing, implementing or upgrading their ERP applications to “digitize” their core applications. At Surtel we know the companies that are getting the best results to recognize that technology alone won’t bring them the desired capabilities. Business capabilities, functional integrations, scalability and sustainability, operating models, talent, and desired business outcomes must all be considered, along with the technologies expected to enable them. Surtel offers seasoned, experienced functional and technical consultants to ensure clients realize those desired business outcomes. Our experience spans a wide range of industries including Industrial Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Distribution, Financial Services, and more. We digitized and automated the financial reconciliation process for vending machine business operators which helped in 70% labour reduction and 100% reduction in manual data entry errors. 


Whether you are seeking to implement a new ERP application or upgrading an existing ERP application the key fundamental requirements include:

  • A defined vision and clear understanding of business needs
  • A clear digital strategy that encompasses the business needs and strategies
  • A clear roadmap for enabling desired capabilities
  • An understanding of functional and process integration points
  • A meaningful data strategy
  • A sound understanding of the reporting strategy
  • A clear plan to identify and develop strong talent post project

Surtel utilizes state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to achieve these fundamental requirements and successfully executed numerous, complex multi-million dollar Global ERP, supply chain implementations and complex integration projects in America’s, Asia Pac, Europe and Middle East, and Africa. 

Our team includes highly qualified professionals skilled in all phases of an ERP implementation or upgrade, including Planning and Design, Build Strategies, Data Conversion/Migration Strategies, Training and Knowledge Management, and System Enhancement.

Surtel approach to delivering functionality for our clients is business value-driven and structured to help our clients in their drive to a high-performance enterprise solution. We help our clients leverage technologies to create distinctive capabilities and their unique formula for business success.

ERP Technical Consulting Services

Our ERP technology consulting services team is up to date with the latest technologies, design thinking and agility, that will help transform and “digitize” your ERP environment. Our focus and alignment of our ERP Technical Consulting Services with Industry 4.0 standards and technologies will help your organization evolve as the technology evolves.