JD Edwards CNC Managed Services

Surtel, offers experienced functional and technical JDE consultants to ensure clients realize the best ROI in their information technology systems. We have an unparalleled network of senior JDE consultants and client managers. Our JDE experience spans a wide range of industries Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Retail, Hi-tech, Wholesale distribution, consumer goods and more.

Surtel consultants execute industry best practices and methodologies to integrate JDE into our customer’s business processes and provide expertise to clients through all phases of the JDE project life cycle by delivering the following services:

The services required by the Client are both proactive and reactive:

  • The proactive service is systems management.
  • The reactive service is the management of the exception events where the system cannot be used or is not performing as required.

The Technical Support Centre can provide operation services and the proactive management of the Client’s various JD Edwards systems. This will ensure that the systems run to maximum efficiency. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure that the JD Edwards system continues to fully support the areas of the business for which it was designed. This service is designed to ensure that the system operates at maximum efficiency whilst minimizing downtime. Operational support enables the client to have the day-to-day maintenance tasks undertaken while simultaneously receiving proactive optimization by certified CNC consultants. Optimization gives the information needed to plan all maintenance and system expansion activities before these become critical to the operation of the business.

Systems administrators and certified CNC consultants work together as part of managed teams to ensure that day-to-day management is undertaken efficiently while maintaining system performance. The experienced technicians provide the issue resolution and the proactive optimization and preventative maintenance.