ERP Selection

ERP Selection

High Level Project Definition
Strategic Business Requirments
Review Current Processes
Technology Review
Analyze Information
Develop Recommendations
Project Definition

Surtel offers a practical approach for driving and managing large-scale change in complex organizations for ‘speed to benefit’. We are experienced in assisting clients with ERP selection projects in order to improve overall ERP Software effectiveness, meet the needs of the business and keep pace with changing business requirements. 

We have a high level of confidence that our selection process will identify critical business issues, promote issue resolution, and result in potential savings in the form of cost avoidance or revenue enhancement.  We engage multiple senior consultants who work closely with the client team to conduct the software selection process activities.

Benefits of the ERP Selection Process include the following:

  • The Formal approach promotes identification and resolution of critical business issues related to the current processes and systems
  • Examination of current activities allows for the immediate resolution of issues related to undocumented practices and noncompliance
  • Utilization of client personnel (executive, area managers and key users) promotes the transfer of knowledge
    • Utilizes internal expertise
    • Requires client commitment
    • Encourages ownership
    • Appropriately assigns responsibility


Software Selection Methodology

Scoping and Planning

High Level Project Definition
  • Assessment Goals
  • Constraints
  • Assessment Participants
  • Assessment Schedule
  • Assessment Workshops
  • Assessment Travel Requirements
  • High Level Planning


Strategic Business Requirements

What makes Company xyz unique?
  • As is Process
  • Future State
  • Business Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • IoT Strategy
  • Integration Strategy

Review Current Processes

  • Constraints
  • Opportunities
  • Application Consolidation
  • Desired Capabilities in Futrue State

Technology Review

  • Review Technical Landscape

Solution Definition

Analyze Information
  • Review information gathered during the assessment sessions
  • Research alternatives

Develop Recommendations

  • Document recommendations which allow the organization to meet the Strategic Business Requirements
  • Develop Assessment Report & Presentation

Solution Presentation

Project Definition
  • Key Findings & Recommendations
  • Assistance with Business Case
  • Assist with RFP to Software Vendors