Supply Chain Management

Surtel understands Supply Chain 4.0 – The next generation of Supply Chain

In our current business model, our supply chains are a series of discreet, siloed steps involving marketing, product development, manufacturing, distribution, and customers.

A digitized supply chain breaks down cross-organization silos and collaboration barriers — two key obstacles that must be overcome when dealing with a multitude of partners, suppliers, and production hubs or facilities in disparate parts of the world. In addition, the rise of Big Data, cloud-computing, and other data storage and management platforms, means companies will have greater data gathering, reporting, and analytics capabilities. This means companies can review and share large amounts of data in real-time to create better demand planning strategies.

As digitization eliminates the siloed steps and collaboration barriers, it also creates a completely integrated ecosystem that is fully transparent to all the players involved. Powered by advanced forecasting approaches, utilizing predictive analytics of demand and external data, such as, market trends, weather, construction data as well as machine status data for spare-parts demand, will provide a much more precise forecast of customer demand. Those who move quickly to digitize their supply chain will gain efficiencies, develop new business models and revenue streams, and fire competitive advantage.

Surtel can help guide manufacturing companies to reimagine how to operate their supply chain management strategies from procurement to the production floor right to the customer’s front door. Additionally, a digitized supply chain requires advanced applications capable of communicating and data sharing for optimal workflow. Surtel can assist with the requirements gathering, application selection and implementation of these applications. Surtel successfully executed and implemented Digital transformation, IoT projects in Supply Chain at various organizations in different industry verticals 

Surtel also works with leaders in the SER (Socially and Environmentally Responsible) supply chain movement. We believe the strategy that a company is no more sustainable than its supply chain. Surtel can help justify programs that deliver innovative approaches to advancing environmental sustainability across organizations throughout the full life cycle of the product (development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and end-of-life).